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Hello friends want to follow the mundane life of a broke colored girl. Well here's the blog to follow

My name is Tab, 21, lover of many things from Christ to kpop. Nerd. Newly natural and trying to find my way around the natural universe. Forever a Student. Learning to love myself each and everyday and trying to figure out my place in this crazy thing we call life.

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This is just a reminder that a lot of our natural hair products and lines are owned by white companies and they really don’t care about us, so buy black, it actually goes back into our community!

Black owned:


Cardcaptor Sakura BAG&Pouch


hey everyone! it’s come to our attention (thanks zhou-mi!!!!) that these awesome items are being made by the fashion company super groupies. if anyone is interested in buying these items, we can help you get them for a reasonable price. please message us if you’d like to know more!

these items are high quality designer items and licensed merch so they are NOT cheap to start with but i think they’re worth it for those diehards out there (the clow wallet oh my god).

signal boosts appreciated. please don’t delete our original text!!!!!!!


when they don’t believe it 



This is what the people of Ferguson are up against and if you still don’t think that this is a big deal then you need to wake the fuck up


Day 2 African Fashion Week London




Funny Stuff you like?

Jimin's reaction to them having to twerk in their choreography


Mitsuwa - NJ

Went in on that Mitsuwa sushi.





What playing with action figures felt like.

thats real talk


Looking though the Sailor Moon tag, and just saw all of the merchandise that’s been released……..MY HEART!!!! Why must I be a broke individual with no job? It’s all so pretty and I want everything :(


Kemy, why did you pull some fool mess like this? Is this your idea of getting attention and media play for your group? You may be a good rapper, but your diss pretty much just ended whatever career your group was going to have.

I know it’s a struggle to get noticed in the kpop business but the way you went about this is beyond messed up, coming for Bom’s looks like that is low and completely unnecessary.

My main thing is, if you’re going the idol route to get famous I highly doubt releasing a diss track (a week after your debut) towards a sunbae whose been in the industry for 5 years is going to work in your favor. You didnt see BTS, B.A,P, Block B, etc releasing diss tracks towards GD or Big Bang when they debuted, so I don’t understand what makes you think this is going to help your career in any way.

TL;DR: Good Luck A.KOR, you’re gonna need it and it’s best BlackJacks let this nugu enjoy her 15 mins of fame and we’ll see how far her group gets with their music alone and not name dropping others.